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Designed for logistics: Flexible & fast in use

Block storage expert

The only mobile robot for robust block storage! Thanks to patented localization technology, the PIXEL PT fills and empties block storage systems of any depth. No predetermined transfer points required.

Ready to use

Automates your process without changes and WMS integration.
Cameras recognize goods fully automatically and trigger suitable transport orders.

Fleet Manager
Designed for fleet operation

The W2MO fleet manager coordinates AMRs and manual transports and maps processes easily - including buffer areas and load transfer points.
The real-time digital twin makes it easy to implement optimizations and integrations.



Designed from scratch, the PIXEL PT is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) based on a lean, modular, and robust hardware concept. The PIXEL PT was developed to enable automated intralogistics workflows in fast-changing and rough industrial environments. The vehicle combines proven hardware of industrial trucks with the latest safety and camera technology. With its 3- wheel geometry and slim design the PIXEL PT can navigate through tight spaces and narrow aisles.

Max. Speed:
1,.5 m/s
Max. Lifting Weight:
1,300 kg
Min. Aisle Width:
1,000 mm
Continuous operation time:
8-16 h

Field-tested vehicle for harsh logistics environments

Automatic Charging
Automatic Charging

Thanks to the use of Li-Ion technology, the PIXEL PT is highly available due to short charging times and up to 16 hours of continuous operation. During periods of low productivity, the AMR automatically docks to the nearest charging station.

Robust undercarriage

Logistics are tough - with a drive wheel diameter of 28 cm, even large expansion joints and floor sills are no problem for the PIXEL PT.

Fork detection

The innovative, AI-based fork detection recognizes and drives around forklift forks. Unlike conventional 3D cameras, it is robust against uneven floors.

Datasheet Pixel PT

How it works

The enabler: AI recognition units distributed on the ceiling
Machine Learning

AI recognition units placed on the ceiling track everything in real time

Machine Learning

They analyze the shop floor for obstacles and vehicles

Machine Learning

Determines the availability of target locations

Machine Learning

A digital twin is created and used for navigation and fleet management


Pixel Robotics GmbH builds intelligent, perception-controlled robots tailored for logistics. With its unique AI vision infrastructure a digital twin of the operating area is created. Using this real-time twin, Pixel Robotics’s robots work together with their human colleagues - autonomous, safe and with an unmatched level of flexibility.

Pixel Robotics is headquartered in Munich.

Pixel Robotics office


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  • • Start-up atmosphere in a fast-growing and rapidly evolving company
  • • Join a team of experts in the growing robotics and automation market
  • • A centrally located office next to the Olympic park
  • • Extras such as free drinks, fruits, and a job ticket
  • • Flat hierarchies and room for growth
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